Like decks, porches are an extension to ones home or apartment. Traditionally, especially in the case of multi unit apartment buildings, porches have served as nothing more than a required means of egress. However, today’s savvy buyer knows a porch may still be a required exit but the deck is also a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

With changes to the Chicago Building Ordinance, existing porches have come under severe scrutiny, rendering nearly every porch built prior to 2004 suspect. Unfortunately the ensuing confusion has spawned an army of porch “experts” ready to take advantage of anxious property owners and managers unsure of whom to turn to.

If you’ve been cited for a violation, ready to replace that old porch or just want to put your mind at ease give us a call.  We will use our thirty years of experience, in house architects and trained crews to bring our innovative one stop shop solution to your project without the hyperbole and inflated costs.