Custom Options

Though we specialize in custom designed decks that are unique to our individual clients environment and tastes, several oft requested custom built in features have become standard fare for all our deck designs whether they are for a rear yard, roof deck or garage roof deck. These include overhead pergolas, privacy fencing, pre staining/sealing, bench seating and planter boxes. Over the years Just Decks Inc has revolutionized the design and construction of these concepts often pushing the envelope of framed construction to create elements that become an integrated flowing part of the overall design.


Since ancient times, pergolas have added grace and much needed shade to patios and verandas of villas and homes. Skilled gardeners have trained flowering vines over the open rafters and beams to add beauty as well. In their traditional form pergolas are often attached to the building thus serving as a transition from indoor to outdoor space. Todays pergolas much like a gazebo, can also be free standing supported soley by columns and installed over decks of all types and are often used to define areas used for special functions such as outdoor dining.

Contact us today if you are looking to add a pergola over your existing deck or as part of an entirely new project. 

Bench Seating

Built in bench seating is a popular custom feature of many of our decks.    Built in seating often serves to go beyond the functional and can enhance the overall design of a deck. If you are looking to install unique traditional bench seating with reclined back rest or contemporary seating with or without storage give us a call.

Privacy Fencing

Given the often close proximity of neighboring homes in our urban environment and presence of unavoidable ‘eyesores’ such as mechanical units, privacy fencing forms a useful component in any deck design. If you are looking for something traditional or inspired, Just Decks Inc. will find the right look to fit both your design and budgetary objectives.  Our framing and detailing is all of the highest caliber and finest material to stand the test of time. 


It is no secret that any deck especially roof decks can be greatly enhanced by the presence of thriving flora. Perhaps no other custom built in deck feature has gained in popularity as rapidly as planter boxes over the recent years, often affording the urban dweller a singular opportunity for experiencing the esthetic beauty that flowering bushes, plants and vines can add to the home environment.

Unfortunately, poorly conceived and constructed planter boxes, especially on roof decks can be a disaster, resulting in standing water and leaks and eventual demolition of the deck. Over the years we at Just Decks Inc have pioneered construction of planter boxes that are not only aesthetically innovative but technically superior. Our planter boxes are sealed and self draining units insuring trouble free use throughout the years. Whether you are adding some planters to an existing deck or interested in incorporating our unique designs into your new deck give us a call. Ask us about our revolutionary, free form deck height planters, a concept that is reinventing roof decks themselves.